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Lois Hearn
Etiquette Consultant
Charleston, SC


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April, 23, 2008


Outstanding, over-the-top, and awesome were some of the comments I received about your etiquette presentation. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to present at our DBS Lunch & Learn last Friday. It was a success thanks to you.

Best Regards,

Paul Baggett
DBS Corporation
Chattanooga, TN

Dear Lois, March 18, 2008

Thank you for the excellent seminar that you provided to my engineering students on business etiquette and manners. I have received many positive remarks from my students indicating that they really appreciated the specific information that you provided, including your guidelines for good table manners. You could tell from their many questions that you made them comfortable enough to ask for advice on matters that would otherwise have remained a mystery to them.

I also appreciate your coordination of the event with the Walden Club management. As with most events, the devil is in the details. You had everything organized perfectly, including reservations, room arrangements, visual aids, excellent handouts, and an affordable menu that allowed you to demonstrate the most important aspects of good table manners.

By copy of this note, I will thank Dr. Casavant for suggesting you as a consultant on this subject.

I hope we can do this again next year.


Ron Bailey

J. Ronald Bailey, PhD, P.E.
Guerry Professor of Engineering
Chief Research Officer
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Ms. Hearn,

It was such a treat to have you speak at our Lunch and Learn this past Friday! Your enthusiasm and positive attitude is so refreshing and the material you covered was extremely helpful. I regret that I didn’t find out about you sooner, before your move. As I mentioned, I would love for my teenage sons to attend one of your classes. I did, however, share with my 17-year old son and his girlfriend your tips on dining etiquette. They are going to Porter’s Restaurant Saturday night before the prom. They were very attentive and eager to learn, which pleasantly surprised me. I wish I could see them at the restaurant! My son is eager to help his girlfriend with her seat!

Many years ago when the boys were small, we attended a formal dinner at the Chattanooga Golf and Country Club. I tried, by example, to coach them through the meal. I pointed out the proper fork to use for our salad. Later during the meal, this same son that is going to the prom leaned over and whispered to me “Mommy, which one is the mashed potato fork?”

Thanks again for your time and helpfulness. We all wish you the best of luck and continued success with your move.

Mary Witt
Chattanooga, TN


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